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19th July 2012

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Hey peeps, today’s my birthday. Main thing for today is the Dark Knight Rises premiere tonight! Last I mentioned it was when they came to shoot in Newark last year, and made a few posts about the experience. Only recently did I remember that I got a few clips of the shoot, so with no fanciness, here’s a few random clips from that day, thrown together. Woopwoop.

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6th November 2011

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Cool Stuff I Saw In the Crowd:

  • A guy came in a Joker minion mask. Not in character or anything…just in a mask.
  • "Occupy Gotham City" Protester. One of the production assistants took a picture.

Things I Picked Up Stalking Around the Dark Knight Rises Set:

  • Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Officer John Blake) were on set on Thursday, shooting interior scenes at Newark City Hall. So ladies, to reiterate, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman were in Newark, and you missed your shot. I’m sorry.
  • On Friday, extras dressed as cops and SWAT team members (or cops hired as extras to play such) were the main focus of the scenes shot in front of the crowd after the main actors left. What was shown were cars scrambling around, and cops cramming themselves into the subway. The mood of the cop extras was jovial and lighthearted before shooting, but the next time we saw them, they were wearing orange plastic ponchos and some were covered in dust, all looking fairly sullen. Maybe they were told the seriousness of not leaking anything shot down there. Maybe they were bored.
  • Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle/Catwoman) and Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman) had shot scenes on the Newark Light Rail subway. That they had to close off a good chunk of it might mean it took place on the Light Rail itself, or along the tracks.

Other Things I’ve Heard/Speculated a Little Bit On [Spoilers Ahead]:

  • While shooting scenes elsewhere, Christian Bale, as Bruce Wayne, was hobbling into a party with a cane. Broken leg or broken spine, considering Tom Hardy’s part as Bane, this all very heavily implies that the Knightfall story arc may very well be part of the plot.
  • Considering some of the names in the film, and again, the implications of the story arc, it’s very likely that we may see the Batman Family being formed. Catwoman and Alfred are already in there. Maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake, a beat cop assigned by the Comissioner to special duty) and Juno Temple (only description offered is a “street-smart Gotham girl”) will have small parts. Or maybe they’ll have some more significant role.

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5th November 2011

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Things that happened yesterday:

  • Went with my friend Philip (@phailup) to the set for Dark Knight Rises after my morning classes.
  • Recorded a lot of videos and took a bunch of pictures. Found out while showing the videos to my sister that I sound like an idiot when I’m anywhere close to a film production. (e.g. When they shot School of Rock in my hometown and I passed by Jack Black, I started screaming through the car window in his general direction for his autograph, even though I had only the vaguest idea who he was.)
  • Skipped a short Chemistry lecture to stay. This is the only time I’ve ever skipped anything academic. Worth it.
  • Found out that the people in charge of crowd control pretty much have to be manipulative dicks to pedestrians. Makes sense, but when you’re told they’ll give the crowd a good angle to peep at the set from, but the place you run your never-ran-since-high-school ass off to get to turns out to be a block away from it all, and all you can see are a few scrambling cop cars, you gotta admit you’d feel at least a little bit disappointed.
  • No really if you’re in crowd control, the crowd will believe whatever you’ll say, go to where you say, or repeat whatever you wanted them to, and the rest of the crew will chuckle silently in amusement.
  • In the aforementioned moment of running to the next set, had one of those “OH GOD WE MIGHT GET LOST IN THIS SEA OF PEOPLE BRO GRAB MY HAND” moments with Phil. And I learned that my laptop adds to my bag’s weight, adding up to about 15 Oh-Fucking-This-Is-Killing-My-Shoulder pounds.
  • Saw Christian Bale’s back and Anne Hathaway for all of a few seconds.
  • Saw the architect girl I mentioned a while back. Didn’t want to creep her out by talking to her, so instead I told her friends about some of the interesting things I found out. Hopefully she took a look at some of these things too.
  • Some of those interesting things were the details, past the obvious things like the cars and big signs, as in the tiny ones like the Gotham City Police Dept. seals on the police officers’ shoulders, the locations taped over to be edited later, and the subway maps of the entire city. People might not notice it, or even see them at all. When you get to see all the detail, gotta admit it’s pretty damn awesome how dedicated people have to be to make a film.
  • Stared at Christopher Nolan through my camera at a distance because you at least wanna absorb the presence of the guy who mindfucked the world with a film so well-crafted and intricate that he used the Batman franchise as an exercise in filmmaking simply to prepare for it.
  • Remembered I probably don’t know a thing when it comes to making films, but the experience of watching one being made was fantastic and enlightening in and of itself.

I’m gonna post a few more photos later, and I’ll fill it with facts and gossip I’ve heard about the film so far. :D

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3rd November 2011

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Fun Fact: The film industry was initially developed in New Jersey, and for a while, that’s how it would have been. However, monetary interests in mind, alpha-dickwad Thomas Edison and his company “had a stranglehold on the entire cinema industry” by way of holding all the patents and preventing filmmakers from doing anything, so much that a few of them ran away to California and started a few studios like Universal Studios, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and MGM. (source) On that note, fuck you, Edison. Anyway.

They’re shooting a film in Newark today.

Just to be clear, I’m an NJIT student, so my campus is in Newark. Because I’m a commuter, I usually take the Light Rail to school. However, due to the film, they closed the Light Rail for today and tomorrow.

I have no idea what exactly they’re shooting scene-wise, but this film is The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan, Marion Cotillard, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy, Christian Bale, and/or Morgan motherfucking Freeman might very well be in the same exact city I’m in right now.

Just to be clear:

The Dark Knight Rises is shooting in Newark. It’s close enough to directly fuck up my daily schedule. And somehow I think that’s awesome.

If someone’s gonna try and go tomorrow to see if they can sneak a peek at the set, please bring me along.

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