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13th July 2014

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"Aren’t you worried about the Studio’s future?"

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13th July 2014

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Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service by Kiki - love the jumping photo. Photo by 威丸さん

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11th July 2014

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*makes lame joke about old school anime*

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11th July 2014

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Holy moly HOLY MOLY


I’m translating a brand new Chinese article on Kiko for fyeahkikomizuhara right now, and the start of the last paragraph goes like this:

"The latest news is that Kiko is going to have the starring role in an action film. "It really is a huge challenge, but I’ve wanted to be part of one for so long, and now I finally get the opportunity." Right now, she has to undergo three to four hours of wire work and fight training on a daily basis. In addition, she also has to complete muscle building routines at the gym. Even though the concealer hid much of it, during the photoshoot, we still saw hints of the bruises on her legs."

Now some of you might remember this post/rumor I posted from a couple of months back…I mean, whoa. I never thought that she would play Mikasa because the Shingeki no Kyojin film’s storyline might be completely AU - to this day Japanese press have not confirmed that Miura Haruma is actually playing Eren, which seems intentional and hints at brand-new characters being introduced in an alternate storyline. But "wire work and fight training??" That totally sounds like 3DMG to me (HOLY CRAP). The mere fact that Kiko might be associated with the series is making my head explode a little, and if she somehow ends up being Mikasa then um…wow. I guess I called it with the fancasting from the get-go.

megillien white-plum stormyink monidon humanities-strongest-family I’m screaming (Just a little)

P.S. It was a totally random task that I’m translating this article for that blog, too. Meant to be, I tell ya.

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11th July 2014

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I don’t think that people generally realise what motion picture industry has done to the American Indian, as a matter of fact, all ethnic groups, all minorities, all non-whites. And people just simply don’t realise, just take it for granted that that’s the way people are going to be presented and these clichés are just, I mean on this network every night, well perhaps not every night, but you can see silly renditions of human behaviour, the leering Filipino houseboy, the wily Japanese, the kook or the gook, black man, stupid Indian. It just goes on and on and on. And people actually don’t realise how deeply people are injured by seeing themselves represented, not so much the adults, who are already inured to that kind of pain and pressure, but children. Indian children seeing Indians represented as savage, as ugly, as nasty, vicious, treacherous, drunken. They grow up only with a negative image of themselves and it lasts a lifetime. 

Marlon Brando on why Sacheen Littlefeather presented a speech on his behalf during his Best Actor win for The Godfather at the 1973 Academy Awards

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30th June 2014

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"When I was younger, the sky seemed so much closer."


"When I was younger, the sky seemed so much closer."

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30th June 2014

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New Big Hero 6 posters! First official look at all the main characters! Which one is your favorite?

Via JPosters

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30th June 2014

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28th June 2014

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Hayao Miyazaki talking about his passion for animation while seeing the world through his fascinating career. From the documentary: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

My favourite part of the film, i shed a tear at this part, i guess you have to see it in context

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28th June 2014

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