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23rd May 2011

Chat with 5 notes

Eavesdropping again.

  • [I caught this conversation medias in res. They're deep into the conversation, and she's venting to him, he's just listening]
  • Guy Friend: But why did you date so many guys if you don't even like them?
  • Girl: [thinking] Well, I told you, I wanted to give them a chance...I guess I miss the idea of a relationship, the details.
  • Guy Friend: [listening, nodding at her to continue]
  • Girl: Like my ex, the one who really mattered, he tried to teach me how to play the guitar - [pause, smiles] I still suck. [her smile widens, bemused and nostalgic]
  • Guy Friend: [smiling, still quietly listening]
  • Girl: And later, on his bed, he'd read stories to me.
  • Guy Friend: [mumbling something remembering how strict she is with grammar] ...You said he's dyslexic, right?
  • Girl: Yeah. But I loved him, and he tried hard, so that didn't matter.

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