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31st July 2011

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That awkward moment when your eyelids got sunburned.

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19th July 2011

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Summer Wars (2009 film)
Context(first image): Our protagonist, Kenji, volunteered to work for his upperclassman crush Natsuki. He has no idea what he volunteered for, but for now, they’re getting to know each other. Kenji’s among the mathematically gifted, and Natsuki wants to see proof.

Natsuki: Really? Do something then!
Kenji: Okay…When were you born?
Natsuki: Me? July 19th, 1992.
Kenji: [instantly] It was on a Sunday. July 19th, 1992 was a Sunday.
Natsuki: [stunned] …Wait, do you have it all memorized?
Kenji: No, I used something called modular arithmetic…Was I right?
Natsuki: Sorry, I don’t even know what day of the week it was.

The story itself takes place in an alternate, not-so-temporally-distant and technologically-integrated Japan where most of them are in some way connected with OZ, a virtual network used for nearly everything. Kenji’s a decent, smart, and respectable kid, and to his surprise, the job he took was to be Natsuki’s faux fiance. He’s introduced to Natsuki’s numerous relatives, all meeting up to celebrate her great-grandma’s birthday. Aside from having to deal with pretending to be Natsuki’s guy, Kenji’s user avatar ends up hacked and promptly implicated in basically fucking shit up in OZ. Keeping out spoilers, some more things happen.

As for bits of trivia, it seems it was inspired in name by Star Wars, right down to the music when the name came on screen. though I don’t know a lot about the guy, the metaverse of OZ looks inspired by Takashi Murakami’s work,and the director said it was intentional. Keep an eye out for the code crackers, and you’ll recognize names slightly modified from that of famous mathematicians. Harking back to the first image and the quote, Kenji actually got it correct. I know this based on the fact that that’s my birthday, to the year. I should probably note here that this is the film that spawned a particularly famous gif around tumblr of two people holding fingers/hands (second image).

Not so long ago(a bit over two weeks), I really wanted to watch a film, but realized I didn’t have any money. Ahem. Desparate Google searches and one night-long torrent later, I’ve got this film. While it’s undeniable that there’s similarity between this and the director’s previous work, “Digimon: The Movie”, to such a point that someone could be savvy to know what happens in the overall story, it should be noted that the basic focus of the film isn’t based on human-digimon friendships, but on family, and in some parts, deals with it a step up more seriously than what you’d find in a film with a child-aimed demographic. I should warn that there’s some idiocy in there from some relatives, and there wasn’t as much focus on Kenji and Natsuki’s relationship as I would’ve liked. Those things aside, I really the way that it all plays out. If anyone needs a good flick to watch during the summer, look no further.

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3rd July 2011

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Me this summer, basically.

Me this summer, basically.

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7th September 2010

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so that’s where my summer went.

things i haven’t done this summer:

  • go to the beach
  • go to dorney park
  • go to six flags
  • break the streak of unintentionally not going to the beach for two summers(maybe even get a tan or something)

things i have done:

  • hung out with friends
  • tumblr

yeah really.

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